Holistic Cancer Coaching

Holistic Cancer Coaching? What is THAT?

Is this person going to tell me I can’t listen to my medical doctor and go ahead with chemotherapy and radiation?

Is this person going to show me how to cure my cancer naturally so I don’t have to have chemotherapy and radiation?

The answer to BOTH of these questions is NO!!!

A Holistic Cancer Coach is a person who has many hours of training in various modalities of supporting the body. He or she will listen to your needs, the type of cancer you have, your desires in how you hope to treat this cancer, and then answer questions. There are literally THOUSANDS of possibilities to treat cancer in the world today and it can become very confusing!! Having someone that can help you, encourage you, show you how to shop, eat, and what questions to ask your doctor is IMPERATIVE when your brain is spinning in a million directions after diagnosis. THIS is your cancer coach. Your guide. Your prayer warrior.

We believe that Prevention is the KEY.
We focus on the patient NOT the tumor.
We work with Beatcancer.org and Healingstrong.org to lead the charge to a healthier future.


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