Ionic Detox Footbaths

Ionic Detox Footbath Services

Ionic Detox Footbaths work on the basis of establishing a balance between the ions in our bodies. Ions are a natural occurrence in atoms. When an atom gains or loses an electron then it changes balance in the body.  Ion means GO, this means any atom that has gained an overall electrical charge will change its energy.  This change has an impact in our body. Despite the name of positive or negative, in our bodies they actually have the opposite impact.

A positive ion is when the atom LOSES an electron from it’s outer shell. Many studies have shown that levels of positive ions bring negative effects on our bodies.

We pick up positive ions from many things in our world; phones, computers, even our own human systems when they are in a place of dis-ease.  These positive ions can slow us down and create health issues, brain issues and even depression and anxiety.

A negative ion are actually beneficial to the body. They are created in water, air, sunlight and other natural environments.  The negative ions are actually what make us feel so much better in nature!

Negative ions have been shown to decrease blood pressure, regulate our breathing, give us better lung function, reduce inflammation and so many more things!!

Our IONIC Detox Footbaths actually help to pull the positive ions from your body while stimulating the negative.

Our clients have found this to be beneficial to them for

  • Joint care
  • Respiratory Support
  • More positive mental health
  • Relaxation
  • Immune Support

We follow each 30 min. session with a reflexology stimulation of the feet and legs and our Himalayan salt.  This is one of our busiest places in the wellness center.  Many clients sign up for one of our foot bath packages and come weekly while others come during times they feel they need more overall support.

Regardless of the time you come – it’s a good time for a foot bath!

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